Global Instruments is a global information - technology company. Our team has a proven reputation for delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.

Since year 2003, we have provided to our partners system integration and consulting services, where the user requirements are analyzed and complete hardware, networking and software solutions are designed and implemented.

 Communication Solutions

People communicate. Communication is how we learn, how we share our knowledge, how we understand others.

The technology was long used to improve the human conversation and to bring us closer to the direct interaction that we have in the real world. Writing letters, major transportation forms and telephony were all used for discussions with others. Nowadays, the discussions were moved to IT such as e-mail, chat, forums, groups all of them permitting people to increase the area, the scope of discussions and to contact people beyond their geographical borders.

Our company is providing solutions for a wide spectrum of communication technologies.

  Network Consulting

Security is on our number one priority . Providing highly cost-effective and reliable network solutions we do care about your network security. Along with our embedded firewall solution we are providing remote administration across different operating systems and network devices.


 Global Instruments goes wireless

Putting more intereset in wireless devices, our company started to develop applications for CDMA devices.

Working in partnership with the single european CDMA operator Zapp Mobile (Telemobil SA), we are extending our business in the wireless market. Developin g brew (TM) business appl i cations we focus on adding new value to your business .