Agora.NET Network Indexer and Search Engine

When you network is not as accessible as the Internet.

Agora.NET is a distributed application that allows you to search in seconds all the resources available in your computer network.

Build on reliable technologies, the Agora.NET indexes your network computers and ensures good response time when search queries are requested.




  • Perform searches via the web-interface
    • using user-definable categories based on mime-type and extension
    • using selectable sorting criterias
    • using predefined filters on resource type
    • filterting and sorting results based on size
  • Check availalability of found resources
  • Browse the network cached image as in Windows Explorer but view all resources on the network even those temporarily unavailable
  • View most visited computers, most requested documents by the users of the web-interface
  • Scheduled indexing of the network (daily/nightly scans)
  • Optionally define hot-spots on the network (resources that are checked for changes more often)