IDE for ChorusOS Compiler/Debugger

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An esential development tool for embedded environments.

The product extends the functionality already offered by the Eclipse IDE (development environment for C/C++/Java desktop applications) in order to allow targeted embedded development and integration with the ChorusOS operating systems.

Started as a Chorus debugger tool only to provide kernel-awareness to the Eclipse IDE, further additions have been made. More precisely this functionality consists in creating, managing and editing large-scale projects targeting ChorusOS on any of the targets UltraSPARC, x86, PowerPC 750/74x0, MPC8xx, SBC8260 and last but not least in integrating cross-compiling, linking and target-debugging of these applications.



  • downloading and running of targeted applications on the target board
  • given that the application is compiled with debug symbols, connect the executable code to the source-code files
  • debug the application by allowing: 
    • adding, removing source-level breakpoints, support for detecting when a breakpoint is reached
    • evaluating expressions
    • reading and writing registers values
    • viewing and editing memory
    • hooking and detecting signals
    • terminate the application from the debugger cleanly
  • retrieve special information during debug session (kernel-awareness)
    • monitoring thread activity, notify thread start and thread end
    • allow multithreaded debugging
    • monitoring processes and threads
    • killing processes
  • functionality for performing project management tasks for cross-platform projects
    • creating configurable projects targeting a board and the operating system
    • building the binaries from the sources using a cross-platform compiler and linker.