FW-200A Embedded Firewall

Just a few mouse clicks and your network is up and secure !

Suitable for small business networks, FW-200A brings security in a highly cost-effective solution.

Easily configurable and user friendly makes this product best fits on your network security needs acting like a router and firewall at the same time.

Safe Store Backup Manager

"Safe Store" means real time backup system.

Safe Store is one of the few real time backing up systems that enables your company to worry less about document protection and more about your business.

EN-RO & RO-EN Dictionary

"English to Romanian and Romanian to English Dictionary" is the first brew applications we have introduced in the romanian wireless market. Having more then 20.000 words and expressions, this application is a good tool in daily tasks. Zapp Mobile is the first european operator that is using CDMA technology and brew enabled mobile phones.

You can download the product directly from your mobile phone catalog.

For more information please contact Zapp sells deparment.



IDE for ChorusOS Compiler/Debugger


An esential development tool for embedded environments.

This type of "kernel-aware" applications that stand as a layer between the IDE-s and the operating systems are very necessary tools in the collection of programs of an embedded solutions developer.

The purpose of this project is to provide a "kernel-aware" application for a quality open-source operating system - Chorus OS 5 developed initially by Sun - in form of a plug-in (extension) to the Eclipse IDE - an award winning open source project sponsored by IBM.


Agora.NET Network Indexer and Search Engine


When your network is not as accessible as the Internet. 

Agora.NET is a distributed application that allows you to search in seconds all the resources available in your computer network.

Build on reliable technologies, the Agora.NET indexes your network computers and ensures good response time when search queries are requested.