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Global Instruments has expertise in providing E-Commerce and Software solutions to the finance, education and many other segments including networking and web applications of any kind. Furthermore, the quality and cost effectiveness of our solutions allows us to provide an outsourcing service to existing software developers.

Our on-site team interacts with the customer to define requirements, create accurate estimates, review prototypes, coordinate development work and manage scope changes. It then can absorb the knowledge of the client's requirements much faster and help in adding value to our client's business.

Quality Objectives:
1. Exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and performance of solutions. 
2. Continuous improvement of our processes and systems. 
3. Timely deliveries to meet customer requirements. 
4. Constantly upgrade the skills of our employees to serve our customers better. 



 Communication Solutions

People communicate. Communication is how we learn, how we share our knowledge, how we understand others.

The technology was long used to improve the human conversation and to bring us closer to the direct interaction that we have in the real world. Writing letters, major transportation forms and telephony were all used for discussions with others. Nowadays, the discussions were moved to IT such as e-mail, chat, both of them permitting people to increase the area, the scope of discussions and to contact people that could not contact before.

Our company is providing solutions for a wide spectrum of communication technologies.

We provide communication solutions integrated with portals using open source and commercial software where comunity can chat, share documents and interact with others in a fashion manner. Support for audio and video conferences are avaible but we can customize the software for the customer needs.

Solutions for enterprise customers are available also. Developing a new communication product, Global Instruments can assist companies to build a secure communication solution and also to provide basic functionalities like chat, file share, audio- video conference and document workflow management. All this functionality can be used in Intranet environment but also allows mobile users to interact with the main frame providing all-in-one solution for business.

With the enterprise solution we offer your employee the option to work from alternate office sites or from home. This will help you improve productivity, attract and maintain a quality workforce, and help to improve employee satisfaction.

For more information about communication products and solutions please contact our sells department.



  Network Consulting

Security is on our first priority list. Providing highly cost-effective and reliable network solutions we do care about your network security.

Along with our embedded firewall solution we are providing remote administration across different operating systems and network devices.

We provide consulting services for systems design, vendor selection, custom solution development, technology implementation, and systems management. Our employees are experienced , certified engineers and technicians with areas of expertise ranging from LAN/WAN design, to network security and technology implementation.

Along with network intrusion detection system implementation, Global Instruments offers network vulnerability scans and provides highly accurate reports and you can be less worry about network services hacks and data damage. We are monitoring 24h/day, 7days/week your network and take the right decision when something wrong is happening. We also have anti-spam solutions that we can integrate with your existing mail system. If you have a custom network requirement then we can find the best solution and integrate systems with web servers so that it's just one-click step to finish your task. Automating processes is the way we rescue time.

Just focus on your business and we'll take care of your network administration and security !